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UP SELL propose une prestation globale dexternalisation, basée sur une expérience de longue date, et sur la réussite de nos projets. Nous vous garantissons des résultats. Le conseil fait partie du package, tout en respectant votre stratégie commerciale globale.


Nos interventions comprennent toutes les phases nécessaires à la constitution d'une équipe commerciale externalisée performante : le recrutement des équipes commerciales externalisées, leur formation, leur encadrement et leur management.


UP SELL prend également en charge la gestion sociale des équipes commerciales externalisées qu'elle dédie à ses clients, ainsi que tous les aspects matériels nécessaires à la réussite de la force de vente externe : parc véhicules et informatique, téléphonie, outils de vente, etc.


UP SELL, all the advantages of outsourcing

Today the use of outsourcing services to help businesses develop their sales is an efficient way of boosting sales and of creating added value for their business.

All the advantages of outsourcing
All the advantages of outsourcing
An efficient method of organisation
UP SELL involvement consists of sending an efficient commercial team answering to the businesses specific criteria and methods, taking into account their personnel and geographical needs. These enterprises, on the one hand, follow their own strategy and commercial policy, and on the other hand are relieved of all the social and technical worries, such as employment and sales force management. Hence all the procedures that we put in place for our clients bring added value to their enterprise and at the same time improve the value chain.

The advantages of outsourcing
Sub contracting your sales force to a professional partner is a way of better organisation resulting in faster response. Also, contrary to received opinions,
UP SELL enables you to be more competitive, while reducing costs.
Another important point to be considered in relation to an in-house team; businesses are more demanding with an exterior partner, who has an obligation in both performance and results.

UP SELL makes the difference with management tools and with innovative and efficient reporting!

For the field work to be fully effective, UP SELL, specialises in Outsourced Sales Forces, and has developed its own management and reporting tools. These tools have been repeatedly awarded the Action Co Trophy in the categories' Best Outsourced Sales Force ".

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