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Pharmacie et Parfumerie

Upsell recruits atailor-made outsourced sales force dedicated to your brand in thepharmacy, beauty and health sector – including hospitals, pharmacies, organic stories, beauty and make-up and perfume outlets.

We recruit a team of highly experienced sales staff to your specifications on full time contracts which guarantees their dedication to you brand. They take responsibility for :

  • Prospecting targets that you have identified
  • Training of sales teams at local, regional and national levels
  • Distributor relations (referencing, setting up, stock control)
  • Customer sales (promotion, display management, POS promotions),
  • Continual feedback of field data

Our national pharmacy, medical, and beauty store databases and our in-depth knowledge of the sector allow us to carry stock checks fast and provide accurate sales estimates for each store.
Based on years of experience in the sector, we hold crucial contact information for thousands of stores, data on floor area and links with regional warehouses. We understand the pharmacy and beauty landscape and have extensive contact with major buyers in :

  • Both public and private hospitals
  • Wholesaler-distributors
  • Pharmacy chains
  • Opinion leading pharmacists
  • Health and beauty stores


21 400

The number of pharmacies in mainland France with an annual turnover of €35 billion


Personal care product sales in France as a proportion of all sales in health and beauty stores

3 000

Health care establishments in France. 45% of which are public, representing 60% of beds.

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